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Alea Tools Company Name
So, what does Alea Tools mean?
Well, the name Alea comes from Latin,
[a game of dice , game of hazard];
hence [chance, risk, uncertainty].
To us, that was an excellent description of the role playing games we play and the roller coaster of emotions we display in reaction to the 1s and 20s in our gaming careers.
Tools seems fitting since we are not focusing on any specific game. We are focusing on the tools that we use while playing those games. Our goal is to bring better accessories to augments the already great selection of games out there!
Alea Tools Background
Alea Tools was founded in 2003 by Jeff Almeida and Craig Andrie. Jeff and his wife, Sharon, now run the day-to-day operations of the company.
Jeff is a lifelong D&D player and DM. Our One-Inch Magnetic Markers evolved as Jeff and Craig's regular gaming group tried to find a quick and easy way to depict character status. The players wanted to focus more on the fun parts of the game and less on the mechanics of the game. A few years later, we added our Two-Inch Magnetic Markers and our Miniature Conversion Circles to the line up and the rest is history.
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