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Frequently Asked Questions
Magnetic Status Markers
Can i write on the Magnetic Status Markers?
Yes, you can with either wet erase or dry erase markers. (Please note: GEM Markers are Wet Erase only.) Dry erase ink comes off very easily, where the wet erase ink comes off with water. Permanent markers are pretty darn permanent and are not recommended for use on the pieces.
How do i clean my Magnetic Status Markers?
Any non-abrasive cleaner or dry erase board cleaner should get most markings off. Do not run the pieces through the dishwasher.
Do you have any plans for different sizes or shapes ofMagnetic Status Markers?
We are always talking about new products - however, at this time, we do not plan to product magnetic markers in a different size or shape.
I love your product, but i want a customized pack.
Shhh... Don't tell anyone... But we can work with you. Send us an email and we can work out the details.
Do the current pieces still have the side to side polarity issues?
No, the side to side polarity issue was a problem we had when we first released the product 7+ years ago. The current pieces no longer have that issue.
Metal Circles (Also known as Conversion Circles or Adhesive Metal Bases.)
Are the Metal Circles magnetic?
No. They are made out of a thick rubber ferrous material that allows magnets to stick to them. One side has an outdoor strength adhesive sticker that makes them stick to plastic miniatures.
Can the Metal Sticker Sheets and Metal Circles be trimmed to fit my mini?
Yes. Its a rubber material that can easily be trimmed by standard scissors. Many of the classic lead miniatures have unique bases which would require trimming. The way we do it is to stick the circle on the base - then trim the edges to fit.
Edge Marks
Do you sell custom edge marks?
No. You can print on sticker paper and hand cut the labels, but we do not produce custom edge marks at this time.
Hole Punches
How do i sharpen my hole punch?
You can sharpen your hole punch by taking tin foil and folding it a couple times. Then punch the tin foil a few times. This will only work to a certain degree - but should extend the life of the punch.
How do i clean my hole punch?
You can clean your hole punch by taking wax paper and folding it a couple times. Then punch the wax paper a few times. This should clean the hole punch. Do not soak the punch in water or even get it wet at all.
What are the hole punches for? Can i punch the conversion material?
Hole punches are for paper or thin cardboard, about the thickness of a baseball card. Any thicker and you will be straining the punch. The hole punch is not intended to be used to cut conversion material - use scissors for that.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, to some countries. US postal service fees to apply. If you do not see your county in the list during check out, contact us and we will see if its a country we can add.
How often do you guys ship?
We usually ship the following business day. (Our shipping cut off time is usually around 6 a.m. Mountain Time.) There are exceptions: when we are at a con, when we are snowed in (rare), holidays - stuff like that. We do try to ship asap - we know you want your pieces and we want to get them to you! :D
How big is Alea Tools?
Alea Tools is just the two of us, out of the corner of our basement. We don't have a storefront or even office space. We have dreams of being big some day, but for now - you guys will be getting our undivided attention. :)
How can i join your mailing list so i can get notified of sales / coupons, etc?
There is a link on the left hand side of the web page where you can sign up for emails.
Can i find you in retail stores or through distribution?
There may still be retailers out there who carry our product still; however, we have discontinued our retail sales program. As for distribution, we are not currently distributed.
I write for a blog / website, and would like to write a review on your product. Who do i contact?
Contact us and provide information about your blog and the address. We would be happy to participate in an interview or Q&A.
I run a convention and would like Alea Tools’ support at the convention. How does that work?
Well, we have very limited time to hit conventions - since we have day jobs and vacation time is limited. However, you are welcome to contact us and tell us about your convention.
What conventions do you guys go to?
Gen Con Indy and Genghis Con (Denver) are the ones we consistently attend. However, if time allows, we may try to attend PAX or Dragon Con in the future.
What game system(s) are you guys playing?
We tend to play Pathfinder more than anything, Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 prior to that. We tried a stint at 4th Edition, but it was a short campaign which we have not gotten back to.
Additional Questions
What if my question is not answered here?
Please contact us with any additional questions.